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Jireh Scholarship Foundation

Our Purpose

The Jireh Scholarship Foundation is organized as a public charity. It's primary purpose is to receive donations to administer funds to college students and graduating high school seniors in the form of scholarships for completion of their college education.  Educational seminars will also be conducted to help facilitate a successful college matriculation.


 The foundation was established to provide scholarships to African American college bound students to help assist in the completion of their college education.  Given the current trends with financial assistance for a Bachelor degree, unless a student has parents who can pay for their education, it’s almost impossible for them to complete their undergraduate studies. We believe that if you can impact the life of one, you can indirectly transform the lives of many. Obtaining a college degree is one of the essentials in breaking the curse of poverty, setting new goals and standards, providing role models for future generations, establishing generational wealth, and positioning oneself for better opportunities and exposure.


The Jireh Scholarship Foundation recognizes that God is our source. Jesus Christ has provided us with everything we need pertaining to life and godliness.  As He has richly blessed us, we in turn are used as his conduits to richly bless others. The foundation was birthed out of a meeting with three women of God of whom He had given the same burden to make a positive impact in our communities. His desire is that we extend to others the same opportunities we have been blessed to receive. Through the Jireh Scholarship Foundation, we desire to stress that giving is not just something good to do; but giving is something we are required to do!  It is the will of God that we bless others as He has blessed us.  There is no fear in giving when you recognize Him as your source.  You understand that His supply is unlimited; He gives seed to the sower; and the more we give out, the more He restores so the river of life can continue to flow.

The Founders

Tamika Morrow

President & Co-Founder


Tamika Morrow was born to teenage parents and raised in Flint, MI. After witnessing poverty first hand and the crippling effects it can have on families and communities, she CHOSE not to be a victim and die in an environment that was contrary to the will of God for her life. She went on to become the first in her family to graduate from a university with a Bachelor Degree. She broke the generational curse over her family and achieved 3 college degrees in doing so! Her passion for education and the understanding of how powerful it is to a community, has now created a new norm in her family, where graduating from college is the expectation.  Tamika believes her life's mission is to help others walk in God's divine plan and destiny for their lives and to see generational poverty destroyed once and for all.

Darcelle Carson

Secretary & Co-Founder


Darcelle’s interests in youth educational finance are rooted in the beginnings of her own college matriculation. As many African American students today, she shared the experience of working and borrowing loans to fund her college education. She believes that young people should be focused on achieving the purpose and plan God has for their life and shouldn't have to worry about educational expenses. During matriculation of her Master degree she was the recipient of the Gloria Anne Colquhoun Endowed Memorial Scholarship. Blessed and thankful, for the gifts she has received, it remains her commitment to assist young people to finance their education. Darcelle is committed to the success of Jireh Scholarship Foundation and the students it reaches!

Danyelle Armour

Treasurer & Co-Founder


Danyelle S. Armour is a native Detroiter. She achieved 3 college degrees- Bachelor of Science in Biology from Jackson State University, a Bachelor and Masters degree in Nursing from Wayne State University.  She currently works as a Nurse Practitioner providing medical care to minorities and the underserved. She utilizes her career to uplift communities and foster healthy behaviors.  Danyelle knows all to well the sacrifices and financial strain it takes to receive a college education. She also knows that education is the major key to advancing communities and the economy. She feels that since GOD has blessed her through all her endeavors to obtain her education and fulfill her dreams, she should be a blessing to other African Americans to complete their education. Through Jireh, Danyelle's dreams of uplifting and fostering behaviors of success is being accomplished for this generation and many generations to come!

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